2019 Mission: Complete



Mission Complete: 1,000 Miles & Over $60,000 Raised for VIP NeuroRehabilitation Center!

Amazing Tidbits about the 2019 Ride:

Since they had never ridden together, or spent time together since Navy Training days, there were a lot of unknowns. They ended up averaging between 16 and 17 mph most days- making much better time than anticipated. They even arrived a day early!

The continual police escorts kept them not only safe, but it helped save time by not having to stop a lot for stop lights and traffic.

They didn’t kill each other while being stuffed together in RVs for 12 days.

Some of the guys didn’t even own a road bike until the end of last year. None of them had ever organized a ride or fundraising event. To pull this off so well was truly amazing!

Right before the ride started, storms hit parts of the east coast. But for most of the ride- they didn’t see rain, except when it was welcomed in the stifling heat.

Right after they hit 1000 miles on the odometer on Friday, a huge rain storm hit Ft Pierce; threatening to cancel all of the Seal Museum’s annual outdoor events and demonstrations for the next day. Low and behold, sunshine peeked through the clouds as the guys were introduced in front of the crowd. All the fun festivities went on as planned.

The 2 RVs were generously donated for the boys to use for the entire journey-plus gas! That was a huge blessing!

The men who came along for support were amazing. They drove all the vehicles, staged the rest stops with replenishment, tuned bikes after rides, did laundry, and scouted out places for dinner in the evenings. This allowed the guys to keep up with interviews, clean up, and get their things ready for the ride the next day.

The VFW, Elks Lodge, or American Legion hosted the boys at every stop in the evenings- allowing them to park the RVs in their lots at night. They met some great people!

Lastly, the fire station in Ft Pierce allowed the team to park the RVs in their lot, and basically let them take over the fire station! Such nice people!

Though not a cake walk, the journey couldn’t have gone better!! ?????



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