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May 1, 2019

The alarm goes off – early … really early! Reminiscent of a time long past when most things required rising early. But that was then.

My mind turns on … why? Why did I set the alarm to go off at this hour?

OH … time to train.  Or do I hit the snooze button? (Tempting)

My old body awakens, albeit slower than years past.

Medical devices need to be turned off; other medical hardware needs to be attached.

Now my joints are waking up.  So, it begins …  time to train.

Training has always been a part of my life; to a greater extent in some seasons than others. I had primarily done classic frogman workouts: swims, runs, some calisthenics, and no stretching.  🙂

Biking, my current focus, has not been a part of my routine, not in years – well over 30 years.

Last year, my old swim buddy, Charbo, told me of his plan to ride for VIP Neurorehab, a clinic which solicits donations to provide scholarships for patients unable to bear the financial burden of ongoing care.
Charbo’s ride was from San Francisco to San Diego; he went solo, with little fanfare. He kept asking me to join him, but life, work, time constraints did not allow me the time to train at the level required.
But I said that if he attempted another ride, “I’ll do it with you”.

Well, he did it.  He successfully completed last year’s California ride.  When our BUD/S Class reunion was held at UDT/SEAL Museum annual muster it was a topic of discussion amongst our classmates.

I had to do my part …

The temptation to hit snooze is suppressed. A few cups of coffee, a moment of quiet time, and the day begins. I had a ready assist from Charbo, when I arrived home from the reunion, he had shipped a brand new bike to my house. I got the message …TRAIN!

Coming from a cold start on the bike in November, I used the rule of thumb that running 4 miles is like biking 10.
Having maintained some run/walk activities I used that as a baseline. Going from 30-minute rides to 35, then 40, then 45, now much longer … And from 3 days a week on the bike to 4, then 5, now 6

I’m slowly conditioning my body to awaken muscle groups that had been slumbering for decades. Still swimming to help maintain the upper body with added stressors of riding mechanics – things have been going well
Light stretching, even a yoga session (thanks Connie)

Slowly, methodically, with intent to avoid injury – weekly time on the bike has steadily increased. The most recent milestones met is training more than 10 hours a week in the saddle.  That’s a benchmark I plan to more than double by the ride in late October.

Looking at future milestones, sharing our hits and misses with teammates, working on various facets of the ride, praying for an outpouring of support.

But the WHY is answered: why get up? …  why not hit snooze?

I want to give back – to help those in need.  I’m grateful to possess the mental and physical tools needed for this 1,000-mile ride.

Hopeful for success in an endeavor that’s really about something bigger than me; my teammates and me partnering with non-profit organizations serving those in need.

I do not hit snooze … I TRAIN!


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