Running of the Frogs

The 2024 Torch Run to Support the Brotherhood by SOCS Marc Brakebill, (Ret.)

Beyond the Teams is a group of former Navy SEALs, and like-minded individuals, who have teamed up to undertake a new kind of mission. We are challenging ourselves and others to focus outward and look for opportunities to unite, heal, and give back to our communities. We are dedicated to our veterans, their families, and our greater national well-being.

Since 2019 BTT has raised almost $400,000  for a variety of causes; the Navy SEAL Museum’s Trident House Charities Program, VIP Rehabilitation Center, Jericho Project (homeless outreach), as well as raising money and awareness for the plight of the elite Female Tactical Platoon (FTP), the only all-female special forces group within the former Afghan military. The FTPs were trained by, and deployed alongside, US Special Forces on the most dangerous combat missions against Taliban, ISIS and al Qaeda fighters.

If you belong to a SEAL Foundation, non-profit, business, club, or chapter, this is an all-hands call-out. We need runners, planners, support staff, speakers, motivators, advertisers, and donors. We need you to enlist family, friends, employers, workmates, your church, your local VFW, Legion, Elks Club, and more.

We are looking to involve as many Frog organizations, businesses, and chapters as possible. “One Team, One Fight.”

Step Up, Do something Epic


Beyond the Teams, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is putting on the event as a fundraiser. The Navy SEAL Museum’s Trident House Charities Program, and the UDT/SEAL Association and other Frog-centric charities will be among the donation recipients.


Torch Run from Fort Pierce to San Diego, 250+ runners, estimated 21 days and 2,700+ Miles to accomplish the Mission. 


The Navy SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce, Florida to the future Navy SEAL Museum in San Diego, California. The course will run through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California on a bike-friendly route along the Southern US. 


The Torch Run will start at the Navy SEAL Museum’s 39 th Annual Muster November 2024 and finish 18 days later at the West Coast SEAL Museum.


The publicity and exposure will showcase the Frogman’s tenacity and their willingness to step up for their brothers, as well as the larger community that supports this nation’s military. Active duty or retired, this Brotherhood is focused on the Mission: we have each other’s backs. We are a force for good that includes patriotism, unity, family, and community.

This thing is happening, it’s going to be Incredible. Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of it. Please sign up Below.