Chris Hjerling’s view of the world is a sum of the smallest parts. all working in synergy. He believes that there are many I’s needed to make up a TEAM. He is happy to challenge the status quo to find insights into how organizations and teams work and draw the best contribution from each person. Navy SEALs do this at the elite level.

As an avid adventurer and serial entrepreneur, Chris has a passion for new beginnings, and can’t help but question how and why things work. he built, operated, and successfully sold his first business in his mid-twenties and now has a business project firm dedicated to launching, building, fixing, and scaling businesses.

Chris also have been on the public speaking stage for almost two decades, having spoken to over 250,000 people across the country on topics of business, health, diversity, and leadership. My audiences have ranged from high-school students to C-Level executives of Fortune 500 companies like Cisco Systems, PwC, and Monster Worldwide.

His mission is to shift thoughts and offer perspectives and help bring great ideas to life.