Mission, Vision & Values 


To engage and empower former Navy SEALs, veterans and first responders, as well as other uniquely skilled individuals to push their personal boundaries and to seize their full potential through continued service. We accomplish our mission by championing causes that uplift individuals and communities around the globe.

Dedicated individuals, focused outward, working as a team are a dynamic force for change!

Exceeding Limits, Transforming Lives!

Empowering Heros

We invite you to be a part of an incredible journey of courage and determination, an opportunity to rally behind Beyond The Teams and the remarkable individuals they champion, such as David Charbonnet. 

David’s story is one of relentless perseverance. From achieving his childhood dream of becoming a Navy SEAL to overcoming the adversity of a tragic parachuting accident that left him paralyzed, he continues to redefine limits and inspire us all.

Beyond the Teams is a group of former NAVY SEALS and like-minded individuals, who have teamed up to undertake a new kind of mission. We are challenging ourselves and others to focus outward, and to look for opportunities to unite, heal, and give back to our communities. We have dedicated our efforts to include veterans, their families, as well as needy non-veterans & groups here and abroad. We want to improve the human condition wherever possible.

2023 Honor Paddle – Remembering, Supporting and Honoring 1st Responders and Victims of the attacks of 9/11


It’s been amazing to see people, companies and other non-profits organizations join together, stepping up in a tangible way to make these fundraising missions a reality. 


We’ve been doing this for about 5-years now. Thousands of people have meaningfully contributed to enhance the lives of others.


It’s fantastic to witness successful companies contributing back to the Community and Worthy Causes.

Partnering / Non-profit Organizations

Working together.  Cooperation, Communication and Collaboration to Coordinate the giving of valuable resources to those who need a Helping Hand.