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We appreciate each and every donation received. These heartfelt gifts represent an investment in somebody else’s future and enhance the lives of those around us. Relationship, community and looking out for one another is alive in well in the midst of all this is going on. It feels good to give knowing you are making a tangible difference to those needing assistance.

New Opportunity to Assist

The Hawaii Law Enforcement Canoe Racing Association (HLECRA), is an organization made up of police officers throughout the State of Hawaii. The 33 rd Annual Canoe Regatta will be hosted by the Hawaii Police Department and Kamehameha Canoe Club Hilo. The Regatta will benefit “Special Olympics-East Hawai’i. The regatta is open to all Federal, State, and County Law Enforcement officers, Firemen personnel and immediate family members within the state of Hawaii. DATE: February 18, 2024, Sunday

Check out the Video below for the Details of this Event and Donation Opportunity!

Call for Action

An urgency 
rescue the women of Afghanistan.
We need you 
to get involved!!!

Saving the lives of the highest-risk female soldiers who served alongside US forces, along with their young children. 

Women Warriors Left Behind

The focus of this effort is the elite Female Tactical Platoon (FTP), the only all-female special forces group within the former Afghan military. We also focus on rescuing female members of the Afghan National Police, and female pilots. The FTPs were trained by, and deployed alongside, US special forces on the most dangerous combat missions against Taliban, ISIS and al Qaeda fighters.

You can Help us Help Them

We are in direct, daily communication with all these women.

We asses threat conditions on a real-time, or near real-time basis.

We work with stakeholders in the USG to process refugee/visa paperwork for these women.

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