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Join Beyond The Teams in Honoring Our Heroes during “Military Appreciation Month” (May). Born from a deep-rooted desire to help one of our own, our mission has flourished into a commitment to empower through service.

Why Your Support Matters
Empowerment Through Service: Our initiatives focus on recovery, recognition, and the ongoing support of our military. We believe in the transformative power of service, not just for those we help but for our community as a whole.

Dear Beloved Friends, Family, and Supporters of Beyond the Teams,

With great excitement and heartfelt gratitude, we come to you with the remarkable story of our Beyond the Teams Ambassador, David Charbonnet, whose indomitable human spirit embodies what this journey is all about — it’s one that will surely move you to tears.

From Navy SEAL to Paralympian
Meet David, an embodiment of courage a resilience. After a life-changing parachuting accident, David’s journey took an unexpected turn. Instead of succumbing to despair, he embraced the challenge, setting his sights on the 2024 Paris Paralympics as a Sprint Kayaker. His story is not just about overcoming adversity; it’s about transforming it into an extraordinary adventure.

In just 13 months of kayaking, David has already etched his name in the annals of Paracanoe history, securing a spot at the prestigious Paracanoe World Championships. Now, on the brink of Paralympic qualification, his journey serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration—a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Watch as he defies the odds with sheer determination and unwavering spirit.

Direct Impact
An incredible 98% of the funds raised go directly to our charitable efforts, ensuring your donation makes a real difference.

Supporting Critical Causes
We’re dedicated to a range of causes that benefit our service members and our communities around the world, from recovery programs to public recognition of their sacrifices and valor. We pledge to continue our work, embodying the spirit of service and sacrifice he represented. Your donation during this campaign will directly support these critical efforts, offering much-needed assistance and acknowledgment to those who’ve served our nation and the communities they serve. It’s more than a contribution; it’s a statement of gratitude and respect for our heroes. Join us in making a difference. Thank you for your support and for standing with us as we honor our nation’s heroes.

Warm regards, The Beyond the Teams Family

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We appreciate each and every donation received. These heartfelt gifts represent an investment in somebody else’s future and enhance the lives of those around us. Relationship, community and looking out for one another is alive in well in the midst of all this is going on. It feels good to give knowing you are making a tangible difference to those needing assistance.

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