Marc Brakebill joined the Navy in our country’s bicentennial year, 1976. he had never heard of “Navy SEALs” until boot camp, but after hearing the job description, he knew there was nothing else he wanted to do. He went directly from boot camp to BUD/s and graduated BUD/s class #93. He served in an active duty capacity at SEAL team II, NSGW-1 (Mammals), UDT 12, & SDV Team 1.

Marc left the service in 1984 after two enlistments and became an oilfield diver in Santa Barbara and elsewhere. In 1993, he was hired by San Diego Harbor Police, and served as a Patrol Officer, Dive Team member, Explosives Detection K-9 Officer, Marine Fire-Fighter. He maintained his affiliation with his SEAL brothers as a Drilling Reservist, and in 2004, he was mobilized to assist in the Global War on Terrorism. He spent the next 7 years as the subject matter experts on all things Maritime, focusing on the community’s bread & butter skill set, Combat Swimmer Operations/Training.

Notably, Marc completed the arduous German Kampfschwimmer  Course weeks after his 50th birthday. In 2011 he volunteered as the Senior Enlisted Officer for a reserve platoon that deployed for over a year in various South East Asia locations. He retired as a Senior (SOCS) at July 4th 2013.

Since retiring, Marc have volunteered as the President of Fallbrook Youth Rugby for 5 years, and last year, as a part of a leadership group he was involved with, raised over $125,000.00 in less than two months for Veteran’s Village of San Diego. A great organization that helps over 3,000 veterans in need every year. Marc has four sons who all make him proud everyday. The oldest is 41, the youngest is 17. He has one granddaughter who calls him “Chief”.