Beyond The Teams proudly serves in Partnership with the Following non-profit Organizations

National US Navy SEAL Museum

The Navy SEAL Museum was founded in 1985 and honors the Navy SEALs with its location in Fort Pierce, Florida–the training site of the first “Frogmen” of World War II who have earned a proud place in the Navy SEAL lineage. The Navy SEAL Memorial, the only one of its kind dedicated to the Navy SEALs and their predecessors, underscores the Museum’s tribute to these warriors. The names of all who have died in training or service to their country are etched in the granite walls.

UDT/SEAL ASsociation

We are a Veterans Support Organization comprised of past, present, and legacy members who have served, are presently serving or, who strive to serve in the Naval Special Warfare community. This includes Amphibious Scouts and Raiders, Naval Combat Demolition Units, OSS Maritime Division, Underwater Demolition Teams, SEAL Teams, SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team, and other Naval Special Warfare specific commands.


TFH1’s vision is to build a community of watermen comprised of service members, veterans, first responders, their families and friends. Our mission is to strengthen and provide the community with the resources to create camaraderie and to experience the healing powers of the ocean through outdoor recreational activities.


ECORA was founded in 1997 with eight member clubs to formally establish Hawaiian outrigger canoe racing on the east coast of mainland U.S. and Canada. This triggered a chain reaction that ignited the founding of nearly thirty outrigger canoe clubs by 2002. Today ECORA thrives in nearly every coastal state from Ontario to Florida, and welcomes interested paddlers to join an existing club or form a new one.


Ke Aloha Outrigger is passionate about the rich history and diversity surrounding the culture of outrigger canoeing. Ke Aloha is the outrigger partner of the non-profit organization Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse. Our mission is to ignite interest and facilitate public access to the waterways of New York and New Jersey through first-rate watersport programs and education. We strive to deepen knowledge and awareness of outrigger canoeing’s Polynesian roots and its extensive global reach, and foster such by providing a safe, inclusive and encouraging environment for each individual to engage in team spirit, athleticism, and sense of “ohana”, or family, through the sport of outrigger canoeing.