The jericho project

Jericho Project is a nationally-acclaimed nonprofit ending homelessness at its roots by enabling homeless individuals and families to attain quality housing, employment and mental and physical health services. The 40 year old nonprofit serves over 3,000 individuals, including over 700 veterans, annually. Jericho has been a key partner in New York City’s initiative to end veterans’ homelessness, and is leading bold, innovative strategies to do the same for families and young adults.

Jericho Project programs touch four cornerstones of a person’s life: housing, employment, wellness and family stability. They create a culture of “moving on” through a foundation of housing and supportive services provided by expert program specialists and case managers. They have over 600 units of supportive housing including 8 residences in the Bronx and Harlem, as well as scatter-site apartments throughout NYC.

Rescue afghan women now

Rescue Afghan Women Now (RAWN) is a group of Americans dedicated to helping Afghan women who served in the army or police to escape capture, torture, and death at the hands of the Taliban. RAWN coordinates its efforts with various organizations, including members of the US military, veteran and intelligence communities, and non-profits.

Their goal is to rescue approximately 95 Afghan women who served in the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), as well as their spouses and children (for a total of over 200 individuals). The group comprises the remaining members of Female Tactical Platoon (FTP), other women in the Afghan National Army (ANA), and Afghan National Police (ANP) still stranded throughout the country. The FTPs are considered to be one of the most at-risk groups in Afghanistan, as reports indicate that the Taliban have “kill on site” orders.

Sekiwunga, uganda

Sekiwunga, Uganda was the community that be Beyond the Teams help support in installing freshwater wells, providing their community with a source of fresh and drinkable water.