Raised significant Funds and raised the Awareness of the Trident House Charities Program. We took on a difficult Challenge & completed the Adventure! With your support, the power of coordinated Teamwork was Unleashed!!!

Finishing on 31 May 2021 (Memorial Day), this successful Mission raised and delivered $76,000 to the National Navy SEAL Museum’s Trident House Charities Program, with another $16,850 pledged.

Note: Our goal for this Mission was $100,000. and we made it with additional donations post Mission!!!

“The Museum is very grateful for the relentless dedication and enthusiasm effort Mike Charbonnet,
Conrad Kress, and the entire Beyond The Teams organization has put forth in support of the
National US Navy SEAL Museum. True to Team guy mentality, with the desire to serve others at the forefront of all, Beyond The Teams has come alongside the Museum in both a working partnership and a valued friendship. We are looking forward to welcoming them all in Fort Pierce, Florida on May 31, Memorial Day 2021.” 

~ Rick Kaiser, Chief Operating Officer of the National Navy SEAL Museum

2021 Fundraising Campaign 

New Year, New Mission

Dive into the the Mission, the Plan and the Beneficiaries.

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The Plan

Who:    Former US Navy SEALS
What:   Outrigger Canoe Paddle – First Sortie
May 23 thru May 31, 2021 
Where:  Key West to Ft Pierce, FL
Raise funds and awareness for The Trident House Charities Program & US  Navy SEAL Museum 

6-Day Route Map

The Plan is to break the nearly 300-mile journey into six 50-mile segments with both Shore and Boat support.  We will be stopping along the way for scheduled fundraising events.  Should be an epic adventure and for a fantastic cause!!!

Leaning, training, preparing

May of 2021 we will be Paddling a 6-man Outrigger Canoe nearly 300-miles (Key West to Fort Pierce, FL) to support and raise funds for the Trident House Charites Program under the umbrella of  National Navy SEAL Museum. Our Team Members & Support Crews are learning, training & preparing for an epic Journey from the Southern tip of Florida-North to the Museum. Additionally, Beyond the Teams is planning for an late August 2021 paddle in the SoCal region.

local support

We have been provided AWESOME support from the San Diego Outrigger Canoe Club and Kai Ko’o paddles.  We quickly found out there is much more to this activity that originally anticipated.  But that is EXACTY how we like it!