Raising Funds for Special Olympic Athletes in Hawai’i 

Update on Rescue Afghan Women Now (RAWN) – April, 2024

Zoom Interview 
Rescue Afghan Women Now

Great news from RAWN’s founder, Tom Villalon as he provides us the update on the significant progress in getting some incredibly brave and reliant people out of Afghanistan. 

The SAR-EL Volunteer Experience

Beyond The Teams board member Conrad Kress packed his bags and jumped into the fray following the October 7th attack on Israel by Hamas. Mr. Kress travelled to Israel in February as part of an unprecedented show of support from around the Globe. We are glad he is back safe and sound, but he is planning another trip in the near future.

Raising Funds for Special Olympic Athletes in Hawai’i 

Hawai’i Law Enforcement and BTT Team Up! – February 18, 2024

The 33rd Annual  
Hawai’i Law Enforcement
Canoe Regatta

The Hawaii Law Enforcement Canoe Racing Association (HLECRA), is an organization made up of police officers throughout the State of Hawaii. The 33 rd Annual Canoe Regatta was hosted by the Hawaii Police Department and Kamehameha Canoe Club Hilo. The Regatta benefited “Special Olympics-East Hawai’i.

Take a ride with a couple of the Crews that competed in the Regatta!!!

2024 Marathon De Sables

The legendary  
Marathon De Sables 
253 km footrace in the Sahara desert

Jack Cover, at Beyond The Teams Board member is 
taking part in the Marathon De Sables (MDS) for the third time. “The MDS is the quintessential extreme challenge!!! 157+ miles across the Sahara Desert carrying everything you’ll need for the six-day journey, on your back. I believe it’s important to continue to challenge yourself. That there is an opportunity for real self-discovery found when one pushes the boundaries of their limitations”.