David was born in San Diego, CA into a military family. He spends most of his formative years in The Woodlands, Texas. David joined the Navy in 2006 and graduated from training in 2010.

David was then assigned to SEAL Team 1 where he served for a year and a half.  In October 2011, David was injured in a parachuting accident outside of San Diego. He sustained a burst fracture of the L1 leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. David began rehab at VIP just months after his injury and continues to this day. 

When Dr. Marcus, the Founder of VIP, presented David with the opportunity to serve as VIP’s President, he gladly accepted the opportunity to help others in the same way VIP had helped him.   David served as VIP’s President for 9 years and currently supports Brian Terrell by leading VIP’s Board of Directors.