Mike Charbonnet spent the first 3 years in the Navy going to school to become a Fire Control Technician and serving aboard a Destroyer (USS Morton DD 948). He received orders to BUD/S when my 7th request for was approved. After graduating with Class 98 he reported for duty to Underwater Demolition Team 11 where he completed multiple deployments.

Following His first enlistment, Mike continued to serve in the SEAL Reserve Unit. During his reserve time, he married Beth, had children, and worked as a pastor at the church they attended. He was recalled during Desert Storm in 1991. He served at Seal Team 5 and SDV Team 1. While at SDV Team 1, it was discovered that he had a brain tumor. His SpecWar qualifications were revoked and he was given the option to either go to the fleet or be medically retired. He and his family moved to Texas and he started working as a consultant to oil and gas exploration companies.​

Mike and his family lived in Texas until 2011. They moved back to San Diego when his son, David, who was stationed at SEAL Team 1, broke his back parachuting. His injury left him paralyzed below his waist. David received outpatient therapy at VIP Neuro-Rehabilitation clinic in San Diego. Two years after his injury David married his long-time girlfriend, Janet, and together they now manage VIP as volunteers. David is CEO and still a patient. They have two children; Mike and his wife love being grandparents.