The Trident House Charities Program under the umbrella US Navy SEAL Museum does fantastic work in directly assisting the Special Warfare members and their families. Mike “Charbo” Charbonnet, founder of Beyond The Teams takes a few minutes to share his thoughts about these incredible Charities. Trident House Charities Program Support Special Operations Forces & Their Families.

The main objective of the Navy SEAL Museum is to promote public education by providing the opportunity to explore the history of the Navy SEALs through interactive exhibits, while honoring the fallen at the SEAL Memorial and caring for those warriors’ families through the Trident House Charities Program. The Navy SEAL Museum provides care by way of Family Support for additional medical needs not covered by Federal funding, the Scholarship Program for children of the Special Operations community, the Trident House respite home, and the K9 Project for veterans. Beyond The Team members and host of dedicated volunteers, sponsors and donors are looking ahead for the 150-Mile Paddle Challenge in May of 2022 to raise funds for the Trident House Charities Program under the umbrella of the US Navy SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce, FL.

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